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Zorah Karasi


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Zorah Karasi - camperdowncellars

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Nestled in the shadows of biblical Mount Ararat, at 1400 meters above sea level and only a stone's throw away from the most ancient of sites (the 6100 year old Areni cave considered to be the world's oldest winery), the vineyards of Zorah are set in the rural village of Rind in Voytos Dzor, Armenia's quintessential wine growing region.

While reflecting new world intensity Zorah's Karas draws inspiration from its anciet roots. A wine of distinctive varietal identity, with a  perfect expression of the unique characteristic of its exceptional terroir, it is made solely from the indigenous Areni Noir grape in its purest form and aged for long periods in traditional amphorae Karasi being the Armenian translation "from Amphora".

May this wine be a celebration; a celebration of coming together of the old and new and a tribute to the 6100 year wine tradition of the land considered to cradle the vine and the wine.


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