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The West Winds Gin Broadside

The West Winds

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The West Winds Gin Broadside - camperdowncellars

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Named "The West Winds" as a tribute to the ocean breezes that carried sailors to the West Coast of Australia as they searched for the riches of the New World.

These West Winds cross the Indian Ocean, landing in Margaret River. They bring some of the purest rainwater in the world, which  is then triple filtered to form the heart of their gin range.

This is the West Winds - Navy Strength Gin - a bold and brutish style made to celebrate the most brazen, aggressive and daring of naval war tactics - the Broadside, where warships would unleash a barrage of firepower on the enemy, firing simultaneously from all of the guns set along one side of the hull.They didn't intend to mess about here firing single shots, and nor should you.

Distilled using the beguiling yet delicious Sea Parsley and seasoned using Margaret River Sea Salt, the Broadside delivers full-on flavour in a Dry Gin Martini with a lemon twist or creates an explosive G&T with grapefruit. 


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