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Lethbridge Dr Nadeson Riesling


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Lethbridge Dr Nadeson Riesling - camperdowncellars

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"Riesling Q&A
What is Riesling? 
Riesling is a grape variety not to be confused with a wine style. Just like Golden Delicious or Granny Smith are varieties of apples, Riesling is a variety.
Isn't Riesling sweet?
No! Not always. Riseling ca be made from bone dry to damnright sticky. This one is just off dry. I like to leave a touch of natural sugar to help balance out the high levels of natural acidity in the variety.
What can you pair with Riesling?
Just about everything It pairs really well with Asian food and sometimes with another bottle of Riesling.
Is it true that Rieslings age well?
Yes. Because of their high acidity and intense flavour the best Rieslings can have a very long life, aging gracefully for 15 to 20 years. I would hope this to be true for the one you hold in your hands." 


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