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Dada 2


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Dada 2 - camperdowncellars

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"Philosophy and concept a) To make a blended dry wine which is focused, complex, dense yet elegant. To combine new and old world influences - lightness and purity with depth and substance. Dada 2 is made without sulfur dioxide. To the unskilled this is a risky task, however a sound knowledge of wine aging, oxygen management and redox potential enables us to make a wine in this fashion with complete confidence. It also refers to the movement of Vins Natural that had its origins in France. b) Dada is a favourite subject or obsessive idea. So it is with this wine. Dada is an informal term for father. The father is a very central figure for those who have grown up working the land. The relationships surrounding this figure are often complex and occupy a lot of one’s being. Dada is a child’s word for hobbyhorse. Dada is a movement in art and literature based on deliberate irrationality and negation of traditional values. Vive Dada.

We do not wish to rely on varietal composition for defining this wine. This composition is subject to vintage variation. Several varieties were vinified but did not make the final blend. The final blend comprises 3 varieties –Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. This blend is also a nod to the little known exchange of wine that existed between Bordeaux and the Cotes du Rhone in the 19th century"


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