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Charles Melton Richelieu

Charles Melton

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Charles Melton Richelieu

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"Cardinal virtues. Justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude, on which all other virtues hang or depend. A term of the SCHOOLMEN, to distinguish the "natural" virtues from the "theological" virtues (faith, hope and charity)." - Brewers concise phase and fable.

All of the above virtues came into play when the original Barossa settlers planted their now ancient, dry-grown Grenache bush vines. 26 months maturation in predominately French oak barriques (20% new) has mellowed and refined the vinters handiwork. You may claim to be addressing all but one of these virtues when you raise a glas of this fine Grenache wine. Crushed, fermented and matured at Krondorf Road Winery.


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