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Teusner Tasting

Teusner Tasting

In 2001 Teusner was started at a pub and unsurprisingly beer played a big role in the decision making process. But since then Kym Teusner and Mick Page have not looked back. In the winery, a lot faith is placed in having a set of human eyes and hands (and sometimes feet) on the job…believing that having a person with a feel for what is and isn’t working will win out over a machine any day. Everything is crushed one small picking bin at a time, which makes for plenty of long days at the peak of vintage. At all times the focus is on keeping close watch to ensure everything – colour, flavour, aroma and structure – is as it should be, whilst taking it easy with the oak to let the righteous flavours found in old Barossa vineyards take center stage in the wines. Winemaking at Teusner Wines is powered by people…so you know that it’s been done right and it’s been done well.

Time: 4-7pm

Date: Friday, 22 November 2019

Location: 120-128 Macpherson St, Bronte NSW 2024